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For nearly fifteen years, we've worked with a wide range of strategic partners, consultants, and contractors. Like many of you, we've had some rough times through the global pandemic and in its aftermath. But we're ready to burst at our seams!

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Michael K. Kato

Managing Director

Mike is a transplanted Californian in Japan, born and raised as a third-generation Japanese American in SoCal. He went to university in the San Francisco Bay Area and still considers himself a NoCal dude. 

Mike’s academic background is in environmental science. In particular, he is passionate about mountains and forests and their role in the regeneration of soil in the natural environment. Healthy mountains and forests slow down the water cycle–the inevitable flow of water from the mountaintops to the seas. He began using computers in the mid-1980s to analyze field data.

In 1987, Mike moved to Japan. He’s worn many hats throughout his career (he makes hats as a hobby), focusing primarily on circular economies in rural communities of Japan and the sustenance of small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, he has worked extensively in disaster-ravaged communities-in Shin-Etsu, Tohoku, and in the aftermath of the global coronavirus pandemic–to build resilience and regenerate self-reliant communities.

Mike is fluent in Japanese and steeped in the culture and history of pre-industrial Japan. In contrast, he is a fan of anime and J-pop, maintaining a strong affinity tor contemporary culture. In his spare moments, Mike is an occasional DJ (popmuze). He enjoys writing stories about music and reviewing albums. Mike is also an avid adventurer–with a preference for bicycles above all other forms of transit–and enjoys cooking. 


Storytelling through video is one of our greatest strengths. But we've also helped develop some great tech over the years. Here are some of our most rewarding works.

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