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Get on the Band Wagon
Awhile back, I wrote about my book writing project.
Polar Route and Airplane Label
Airplane Label is an indies music label run by my friend, Jun Kawabata, who I've known for about 25 years. I've been a fan since I met him so many years ago, not only because of the great music and other work he's done, but because he's such a great guy.
Honoring a Nikkei Giant
Daniel K. Inouye. The dude was an absolute stud. I mean, there's an international airport named after him.
Is Fukuoka growing or shrinking?
The map of Fukuoka at the top of this page is how the city looked in 1646, when its population was less than 50,000.
PeerTube and Fediverse
I've been busy the last few weeks really researching and testing platforms in the Fediverse.
Kira Kira Names
What's in a name? Although I'd known of the phenomenon of these new names in Japan, I hadn't heard of the term "kira kira names" until recently.
Why is there so much archaeology now?
Yesterday I wrote about archaeology in Ogōri. What I didn't write about is why there is so much archaeological discovery going on around here to this day.
Archaeology in Fukuoka
For the past 36 months, I've working in a small bureaucracy in rural Fukuoka, in Ogori. The center I worked in is charged with conducing archaeological digs
Are Japan’s Economic Woes Real or Imaginary?
After a continued slump in consumption in the fourth quarter of 2023, with rising prices amidst declining wages, Japan's economy dropped from third place in GDP in February