Japanese Greats for Greater Good

Take the Winding Road

The best things in life aren't rushed.

Great craftsmanship comes from making things that provide more than just functionality. Whether it is a bowl, a kItchen knife, or even a home, great craftsmanship aims to build a sustainable quality of life.

For 250 years before the Industrial Revolution, Japanese society was largely self-reliant. Satoyama and Yamazato were able to prosper because great craftsmen made things that were built to last and designed elegantly.

It is often said that Japan was isolationist during the Edo Period; but resisting international pressure to open its doors was just one side of the coin. On the one hand, local communities were forced to make practically everything they needed. On the other, some of the most creative and innovative producers made "ordinary” things that were extraordinary, creating demand for their products far and wide.

It's that kind of craftsmanship–the ultimate attention to the finest detail–that we believe can help provide some greater good tor humankind in the 21st century.

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We've written dozens of stories about arts, crafts, destinations, and experiences through the years, on some of Japan's most well-known sites.

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From farmstays to exciting adventures to cultural journeys, we can help you discover Japan's hidden gems.


J to E translation is our specialty. In particular, we specialize in environmental science, health/well being, and engineering.

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We've been making video productions that tell stories that educate, provide insight, and delight. 


Creative writing isn't the same as reporting or technical writing. Imagining how thing ought to be is the biggest challenge.

Some of Our Partners

Ume-ni-Uguisu combines the crafstmanship of three guilds with centuries of history: a potter, urushi lacquerware, and a premium distillery.

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Irie Chaen

Irie Chaen has been making fine organic green tea deep in the hills of the Kurogi District in Yame Fukuoka for more than 40 years.

Helsieni-image JGKK

With our Helsieni Growkit, it's easy to grow oyster mushrooms at home using only fresh grounds from your morning coffee.

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